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Don’t Click Those Chick-fil-A “Free Meal” Links

Featured on Snopes today: "Free meals" from Chick-fil-A, a fake volcano eruption video, and scammy FedEx texts.

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Wuhan Coronavirus: Knowns and Unknowns

Featured on Snopes today: A primer on the Wuhan coronavirus, a newly discovered flu virus sickening people across China. And much more.

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Was Mike Pence Royally Snubbed?

Featured on Snopes today: The backstory of a video that some say shows Prince Charles refusing to shake the U.S. vice president's hand, the truth about Elizabeth Warren's Harvard paychecks, and more!

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Impeachment Myths and Misconceptions

Featured on Snopes today: A compendium of fact checks and basic information pertaining to President Trump's impeachment and the impeachment process in general.

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The Rainbow Sweater

Featured on Snopes today: A Christian private school allegedly expels a teenage student for wearing a rainbow sweater, and the real origin of some words of wisdom attributed to the late Robin Williams.

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Misremembering MLK

Featured on Snopes today: A look at the many false rumors and smears that dogged Martin Luther King Jr. in life and in death.

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Martin Luther King, Jr.

A history in rumor.

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Intersex Kids and the Saga of California Bill SB 201

Featured on Snopes today: A bill about intersex kids in California made news this week, imprisoning librarians did too, as well as a story about law enforcement rounding up 1,700 runaway piglets.

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Mightier Than the Sword

Featured on Snopes today: The lowdown on the "$15,000 worth of pens" Nancy Pelosi supposedly used to sign the articles of impeachment, plus rumors that Poland has banned the building of mosques.

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Wombat Love

Featured on Snopes today: Are Australia's wombats offering neighborly protection from the bushfires to fellow threatened animals?

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The Politics of Birthright Citizenship

Featured on Snopes today: A brief history of birthright citizenship in the United States, a look at allegations that the FBI illegally wiretapped President Trump, and viral video of a "globular bolt."

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A Tragedy Dressed Up in Lies

Featured on Snopes today: A tragic story about a young boy's death morphs into anti-LGBT propaganda, Amazon's Alexa doles out medical advice, and the FDA approves a cocaine nasal spray.

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