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On Outing the Whistleblower

Featured on Snopes today: Why the Ukraine whistleblower's identity remains confidential, Rep. Adam Schiff targeted by smear campaign, and what Amazon actually paid in taxes last year.

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Don’t Fall for This Coupon Scam

Featured on Snopes today: Kohl's isn't giving away $100 coupons on Facebook, Will Smith isn't suffering from a life-threatening disease, and a look at the suspect origins of a concept called "fart rape."

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Much Ado About a Middle Finger

Featured on Snopes today: A misidentified middle finger trends on social media, a report on the first known use of "OMG," and religion vs. science in Ohio.

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Fact Check: Trump’s Handling of Veterans Charity Donations

Featured on Snopes today: Accusations that Donald Trump and members of his family "stole" funds intended for veterans' groups, and the lowdown on a phishing scam targeting Netflix users.

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Rogue Phone Cams Spook Facebook Users

Featured on Snopes today: Facebook says it's fixing bug that caused camera phones to activate, Dershowitz "appalled" at Nancy Pelosi, and Rep. Steve King tweets about Ukraine whistleblower.

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Born on Spin Cycle

Featured on Snopes today: An invention for "centrifugal birthing," that time Donald Trump saved the Veterans Day parade, and the cutest "unicorn" puppy you'll ever see.

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Snopes Investigates: Fake Accounts Fuel Pro-Trump Facebook Empire

Featured on Snopes today: Follow-up coverage of the Epoch Times-linked, pro-Trump media empire The BL, and the return of the Dwayne Johnson death hoax.

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‘Paralysis-Causing Snack’ Rumor Debunked

Featured on Snopes today: Mysterious "paralysis-causing" pills allegedly found in Turkish-made snack bars, and looking for the Stars and Stripes at a Democratic debate.

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All I Want for Xmas Is a Near-Earth Object

Featured on Snopes today: NASA says "nope" to rumors that an asteroid will strike Earth before Christmas and Trump becomes the first U.S. president to attend New York's Veterans Day parade.

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Escape to the Future

Featured on Snopes today: An eerie tale of time travel, Elizabeth Warren punks Facebook with fake ad, and a trailer mysteriously appears for "Harry Potter 2020."

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Some Lies Won’t Die

Featured on Snopes today: False claims persist long after they've been disproved, the carp with the "human face," and can Nancy Pelosi become VP if Trump leaves office early?

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Foreign Bodies

Some medical curiosities you just can’t not see.

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