Silicon Valley Bank Collapse: Snopes Fact-Checked These Rumors

And, no, "The Simpsons" did not predict this latest U.S. crisis.

Published March 20, 2023

Just hours after Silicon Valley Bank collapsed on March 10, 2023, the internet lit up with rumors about the closure's possible ramifications for the economy.

The speculation only intensified in the coming days, with the closure of the New York-based Signature Bank and a weekend of meetings among regulators and politicians, including U.S. President Joe Biden, to try to stave off potential ripples throughout the banking industry.

Snopes fact-checked the following rumors related to the bank closures:

The words, "How bad is the banking crisis? This is the Omaha airport this morning. Each one is the private jet of a bank CEO looking to get bought out by Warren Buffett." Below it is a photo of several planes. The screenshot says "Miscaptioned" over it.
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People stand outside a gray building that says "Silicon Valley Bank."
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did simpsons predict silicon valley bank crash
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