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TSA body scans
A rumor claimed that Garth Brooks was kicked out of a tribute for the late Toby Keith for being "woke."
A video purportedly showed Taylor Swift holding up a flag on the red carpet at the 2024 Grammy Awards that said Trump won and Democrats cheated.
A rumor claimed that the Obamas were secretly plotting for former first lady Michelle Obama to be the 2024 Democratic nominee instead of US President Joe Biden.
A woman and a man talk in front of microphones attached to podiums. On the left, a Black woman is speaking wearing a hijab and coat. On the right, a white man is speaking wearing a blue suit.
A rumor said that Microsoft was planning to disable people's computers if they were to share non-mainstream content online.
Donald Trump
A rumor claimed that United Airlines was offering remote customer service jobs that come with free flights.
Online users shared photos that purportedly showed a young woman being baptized in a livestock trough or tank under the banner of a Trump flag.
Do Viral Photographs Show Lithium Extraction Mines in Chile?
An ad claimed to always put a plastic bottle on your tires when parked and here's why.
Harriet Tubman was alive when Thomas Jefferson died and when Ronald Reagan was born.
US President Joe Biden mistakenly said that he had met and spoke with a dead French President Francois Mitterrand when the name he meant to mention was Emmanuel Macron.
Text of dictionary definition of "socialism"