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A meme claimed Arrowhead Stadium canceled three Pearl Jam shows in defense of Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker.
Two white men are shown next to each other. One is wearing a red hat that says KC on it, while the other is wearing sunglasses and a denim bucket hat.
An online post claimed Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid responded to backlash from Harrison Butker's college commencement speech.
A picture purportedly showed Walmart was selling chicken nuggets in the shape of small pistols or guns named Great Value Freedom Nuggets.
A fake quote meme claimed Harrison Butker said the words everyone is taking what I said out of context and added all I said is that we should go back to a better time like the 50s and 60s.
A rumor claimed Disney canceled Tinker Bell for having a supposed problematic image for young girls.
A X post claims to show a Truth Social post from Donald Trump's account claiming he contained an image that used the words "Third Reich".
Online posts falsely claimed Elon Musk fired the entire cast of The View after acquiring ABC and had the headline reading Elon Musk shakes up television with daring acquisition and dismissal.
A Facebook post states, "Harrison Butker sets the record straight after the biased media twisted his words using unfair verbatim quotes of things he said." The statement he's claimed to make is, "Everyone is taking what I said out of context. All I said is that we should go back to a better time, like the 50s and 60s. When men were men, and women had more babies than thoughts. When the only 'Me too' movement was one woman saying she was ready for her 4th child, and another woman agreeing."
A false and scammy ad claimed Dana Perino was leaving the Fox News show The Five after so-called tensions with Sean Hannity and a lawsuit with the news network.
A person wearing a TRUMP hat stands near a crowd that holds flags that show support for former President Donald Trump.
A false rumor circulated online with users claiming Chili's Grill & Bar was shutting down and closing all locations across America.
An ad said to always place a toilet paper roll under the toilet seat at night and promised to say why but did not.
Man Orders Domino's Dominos Pizza Every Day for 10 Years Until Employees Realize Something Is Very Wrong
Two white men are pictured next to each other. The man on the left has white hair and is wearing a blue button down, while the man on the right is wearing a black button down and suit jacket.