WATCH: Cruella Spots Service Dog in Disneyland, Yells 'Stop the Car!'

The lighthearted moment was posted by TikTok user

Published July 1, 2021

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A new TikTok video shot by a Disneyland guest shows an actor portraying Cruella de Vil jokingly calling out to a service dog.

The Video

The fun moment with the famous Disney villain appeared to occur on June 30, not long after the release of the new film, "Cruella." The character is best known from the classic animated Disney film, "101 Dalmatians." In the 1961 film, Cruella de Vil kidnaps puppies and intends to make their fur into coats, remarking that the dogs have "such perfectly beautiful coats."

In the TikTok video, Cruella is riding in the back of one of Disneyland's vintage Main Street vehicles. In this case, it's the fire engine, described by Disney as "a replica of the very first fire trucks."

After Cruella spots the service dog near the entrance of Disneyland, she yells for the driver, apparently named Steve, to stop the car. He slows down for a brief moment but keeps moving.

"Oh! Steve, stop the car," Cruella yells. She then waves and says: "Hello, Beastie."

The TikTok video was recorded near the front of Disneyland Park, on Main Street, U.S.A., and was posted by Bekah Gilmore, also known by the TikTok name

Blue Heeler

While the service dog didn't appear in the viral TikTok video that featured Cruella in the Disneyland car, the pup did show up in other videos shot in Disneyland.

For example, it looks like the Australian cattle dog, known as a blue heeler, got to sample a Dole Whip.

A different video showed the blue heeler on Main Street, U.S.A.

The service dog had a patch that said "do not pet," since they are trained to work for their companion and should not be approached.


TikTok comments noted that the Cruella moment shot in Disneyland was all in good fun. One person remarked: "The owner seems fine with it. They probably know that she can't break character. Disney is strict with their actors, and breaking character ruins the magic."

A different comment read: "This makes sense though. Cruella knows it's a service dog, but she is in character. She expresses interest, but the car keeps going. It works for both parties."

"Obviously the owner did not mind the actor speaking to the dog," a TikTok user replied. "You can hear the laughing. She meant no harm to the dog."

Another commenter said of the Cruella moment in Disneyland: "This is so sweet."

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