Why Disneyland's Indiana Jones Ride Has Such a Long Queue

The long walk to enter Indiana Jones Adventure certainly gave Disneyland a lot to work with when constructing the ride in the 1990s.

Published May 4, 2021

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Perseverant guests have probably noticed Disneyland's Indiana Jones Adventure has one of the longest walks through a line queue in the entire park. Turns out there's a reason for that, which a TikTok user tipped us off to.

Walking to the Ride

To reach the indoor ride, parkgoers enter through Disneyland's entry gates, pass under the train tracks, stroll north through Main Street, U.S.A., and turn left (west) toward Adventureland. Once inside Adventureland, the sign for Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye greets them.

Looking at the satellite image below, that's Main Street, U.S.A., on the right-hand side. The large, white building in the bottom-left corner is the Indiana Jones Adventure ride.

The Indiana Jones Adventure ride at Disneyland has a long queue line.
While the large building at the bottom-left houses Indiana Jones Adventure, guests can't see it while in the park thanks to Disney's clever design plans. (Google Earth)

For guests to reach their "rugged troop transport" to experience the ride, they will first need to walk a fairly long distance in the queue from the front sign to the indoor section.

Upon arriving at the indoor part of the queue, they will then need to walk through long corridors and a number of rooms before they're finally able to sit down and enjoy Indiana Jones Adventure.

The Indiana Jones Adventure ride at Disneyland has a long queue line.
There's a lot to see in the long queue for Indiana Jones Adventure. (Jordan Liles/

The Reason for the Long Queue

The reason why the outside portion of the queue is so long is not simply that the park is extremely full on weekends and holidays. The real reason is that there wasn't enough room to build the attraction between two older and popular rides.

In order to make Indiana Jones Adventure a reality, Disneyland had to build a narrow line queue between Pirates of the Caribbean and Jungle Cruise. The building that houses the Indy ride is located on the outer edge of Disneyland Park, south of the two older rides. In fact, Indiana Jones Adventure just about borders on the Downtown Disney District.

As a TikTok user said in a video, Disneyland "had to thread the needle" between Pirates and Jungle Cruise in order to make it work:

TikTok user @corkscrewconvos created this video as part of a series themed on the many "secrets of Disneyland."

Easter Eggs

Interesting details and Easter eggs were added to the Indiana Jones Adventure line queue by Disneyland during the ride's construction in 1995. For example, it's true that a Winnie the Pooh character can be spotted in the film room.

There's also a Club Obi Wan crate, which refers to "Star Wars" character Obi Wan Kenobi. Club Obi Wan was also the name of a club in the "Indiana Jones" film "Temple of Doom."

The Indiana Jones Adventure ride at Disneyland has a long queue line.
Whoever delivers this needs to watch out for a kid driving a car. (Jordan Liles/

Parkgoers who notice symbols along the queue might find it interesting that they weren't added to the ride's design just for show. As Theme Park Insider reported, the symbols could be decoded when the ride opened in 1995, but Disneyland later brought back the experience in 2019.

A number of Easter eggs can be found in and around the ride and all of Disneyland, so keep your eyes peeled.

Indiana Jones Adventure

Indiana Jones Adventure opened in 1995. The ride includes a mixture of elements from the "Indiana Jones" films. Examples include the giant rolling boulder from "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and familiar tunes from all three 1980s movies, including "Temple of Doom" and "The Last Crusade."

The official description of the Disneyland ride says: "Embark on a fast-paced thrill ride in search of Indiana Jones — enter this cursed temple at your own risk!"

An Ancient Legend

Follow Indy’s footsteps into the crumbling Temple of the Forbidden Eye past intricate booby traps. Inspect carvings and frescos that tell the story of Mara, a powerful deity who promises great treasures—and vengeance to those foolish enough to gaze into its all-seeing eyes.

Brave Unimaginable Perils

Board a rugged troop transport and enter the Chamber of Destiny. Confront inconceivable dangers, like precarious precipices over molten lava, screaming mummies, swarms of giant insects, spear-throwing wraiths, collapsing bridges, slithering snakes—and a massive rolling boulder.

If you find yourself in jeopardy, only one man is brave enough—or crazy enough—to save you... Dr. Jones!

There's no shortage of YouTube videos that show the ride in action. For example, this high-quality video gives a great look at the sights and sounds of Indiana Jones Adventure:

Readers with a 4K television can experience the ride in all its glory, as this video plays at 60 frames per second. In order to be sure that the video is playing at 4K quality, check the settings of the player by using a remote control or mobile device.

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