Watch Disney's 'Happily Ever After' Finale from Far Away, Music Included

The video was recorded at the California Grill at Disney's Contemporary Resort in Orlando, where the music for Happily Ever After is played over speakers.

Published Jul 13, 2021

Image Via @itsericaslife/TikTok

On July 12, 2021, a new TikTok video showed the Magic Kingdom's Happily Ever After fireworks finale at Walt Disney World Resort. However, this was no ordinary view of the show's dramatic ending. Instead of being recorded inside the park, TikTok user @itsericaslife shot the video from a distance at the California Grill, located at Disney's Contemporary Resort in Orlando, Florida. The music for Happily Ever After is played live on speakers at the restaurant. Cinderella Castle and the glow of Space Mountain perhaps stand out more than any other structures from this far away view.

The Video

The clip posted by @itsericaslife was recorded on the night of July 8. It showed the last two minutes of Happily Ever After, which is considered by many Disney World fans as their favorite fireworks show.

The video can be watched in a larger widescreen view by using a web browser instead of the TikTok mobile app.

Commenters expressed surprise at how some of the Disney fireworks are shot into the sky from far north of where many parkgoers observe the show. One person remarked of Happily Ever After: "The scale on which that is set! Never realized how far back those were set from the castle."

To see the same portion of the finale from inside the park, begin the following video at the 16:36 mark:

This video of the full show was recorded on July 1, 2021, when fireworks returned to the park for the general public for the first time since early 2020.


At the beginning of the TikTok video shot from California Grill, the narrator's last lines can be heard: "And so, our journey comes to an end. But yours continues on. Grab ahold of your dreams and make them come true. For you are the key to unlocking your own magic. Now go. Let your dreams guide you. Reach out and find your Happily Ever After."

The remainder of the lyrics of the song go as follows:

Angie Keilhauer:
The battles, the stories
The losses and all the glories

Jordan Fisher:
We’re changed by the way
We live every day
Just look up and reach to the sky

We all have the courage to fly!

You can fly! You can fly!
You can fly! You can fly!
You can fly!

(Tinker Bell flies.)

The story comes alive!

Jordan Fisher:
When we look inside

A new adventure, there in your eyes

There in your eyes!

It’s just beginning
Feel your heart beat faster
Reach out and find your...
Reach out and find your...
Reach out and find your...
Happily Ever After!

Credit is due to, which transcribed the entire show.

Happily Ever After

With Happily Ever After, Walt Disney World Resort and the Magic Kingdom invite guests to "experience a truly grand finale to your day with the most spectacular fireworks show in Magic Kingdom history."

Celebrate Disney Stories

Go on a dazzling journey of color, light, and song that captures the heart, humor, and heroism of favorite Disney animated films. Watch in awe as Cinderella Castle becomes part of the story by magically transforming through amazing state-of-the-art projection technology you have to see to believe.

Happily Ever After fireworks finale at Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort was posted to TikTok from Disneys Contemporary Resort at California Grill.
Courtesy: Walt Disney World Resort

This astounding fireworks extravaganza uses lights, lasers, and special effects, plus a soaring score featuring contemporary versions of beloved Disney songs.

Discover the magic of movies—and be inspired to find your own happily ever after.

If you're not able to make it to Disney World to watch the show, you're in luck. Watch Happily Ever After live and for free on any night that the fireworks are happening inside Magic Kingdom. Simply visit YouTube and search for live streams.

Jordan Liles is a Senior Reporter who has been with Snopes since 2016.

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