'White People at Disney World': Guests on Broken Down Ride Sing 'Sweet Caroline' in Video

"This is like the whitest thing I've ever participated in," said the TikTok user, who was stuck on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in Orlando, Florida.

Published Jul 3, 2021

Image Via @ironicism/TikTok

"When white people get stuck on a ride at Disney World." This was the way that TikTok user @ironicism described the moment when riders broke out into a rendition of "Sweet Caroline" after the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train broke down at Walt Disney World Resort.

The ride is part of Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida.

It's not unusual for rides to break down, as we previously noted with videos showing "Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey" and "Tower of Terror" having issues.

The Video

The moment was recorded on video on June 25.

"I think we waited for about 20 minutes," said @ironicism. It's unclear if the Disney World guests were singing "Sweet Caroline" for that long.

'Sweet Caroline'

As for the "Sweet Caroline" rendition, @ironicism said: "We had some young ladies throw music on that really lightened the mood. They really deserve the credit. I have no idea how to get ahold of them, but they got the party started. It turned quickly from frustrating to funny."

One commenter said: "This should be viral by now ... Come on TikTok, do better!" Another person remarked: "What in the white hell."

As for what happened after the video ended, @ironicism said: "One of the workers came and got us and led us outside. We were given a single FastPass that we could use for anything but Peter Pan for some reason."

"All in all, it was a really cool experience."

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

"Race through the diamond mine from 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' on a swaying family coaster ride." This is the way that Walt Disney World Resort describes the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride.

Heigh-Ho, It’s Off You Go!

Deep inside an age-old mountain, clamber into a rustic mine train and make your way up a steep incline.

At the summit, feel the wind across your face as you navigate hairpin turns and head deep into the mine shaft—your creaky cart teetering back and forth. Soon, the dark sparkles with glittering jewels and you encounter the Seven Dwarfs, whistling and singing while they work.

Chug through the cavern and climb skyward. At the peak, glimpse an incredible view of Fantasyland before racing back down to the foot of the mountain.

Whistle While You Wait

Before embarking on your mine train adventure, try your hand at jewel sorting, then wash them with water spigots that play tunes you’ll recognize. When you come across a collection of wooden barrels overflowing with glowing stones, turn each barrel and watch as the ceiling above you is transformed.

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The ride first opened at Magic Kingdom in 2014.

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