Yes, 'There's Always a Tweet' — but Sometimes, It's Fake

Reader beware!

Published Aug. 5, 2021

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"There's always a tweet."

This common internet saying refers to the idea that whenever a public figure, like former U.S. President Donald Trump or current President Joe Biden, does something controversial, there is an ironic social media post to be found that paints them in a hypocritical light. But reader beware — this concept is misleading because that tweet is often fake!

While there’s no shortage of politicians tweeting their foot in their mouth, disinformation peddlers will often use this as a way to spread fake social media posts that confirm people’s biases.

For example, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz came under fire after devastating winter storms in Texas for a supposed tweet saying he would believe in climate change when “Texas freezes over.” Users crowed over the irony, but there was only one problem — the tweet was not real.

It’s very easy to fake a tweet. Luckily, it’s also easy to spot one.

Here are some red flags to keep an eye out for:

✅ Every fake post is shared as a screenshot, not a link.

✅ You should be able to find it on the person’s social media profile — and if you can’t and suspect it may be deleted, you can often check in free public databases of deleted tweets like Politiwoops.

✅ Check Snopes! We’ve often already covered it.

✅ If you can’t find it on Snopes yet, check the news. If a leader is, say, declaring martial law, it would likely be covered by most major reputable news outlets like The New York Times or BBC, and not just a random Facebook page.

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