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Is This a Real McDonald's Sign with Only One Arch?

Photos of McDonald's signs with only one arch have gone viral, so we decided to investigate.

Published June 12, 2023

 ( Getty Images)
Image Via Getty Images
Some McDonald's locations features sign with a single golden arch instead of the usual two.

For some years, social media users have been sharing pictures and various videos of McDonald's single-arched signs. 

the mcdonalds in my town has a sign with only one arch (@HalxQuixotic/Reddit)

Some even added that the single-arched sign also featured an image of Speedee (the first McDonald's mascot). McDonald's restaurants are recognized the world over for the double "golden arches" incorporated into their signage and/or architecture. Although it might seem improbable, McDonald's signs with one arch exist as well, and here's why.

Although the Golden Arches remain the symbol of McDonald's, some signs still might feature the older version. Investigating the case, we found a Google Maps image from a McDonald's restaurant in Montrose captured in 2012 that featured an image of Speedee, even though the character was officially dropped in 1962 when market research showed that people identified McDonald's mainly with the golden arches.