What’s the Price of Fuel Near You? Share a Gas Station Pic

With U.S. gasoline prices rapidly rising, we're collecting photos of signs depicting fuel prices at gas stations across the country. Send us one.

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With U.S. gasoline prices reaching record-high levels in 2022, the Snopes newsroom wants to know what your neighborhood gas station is charging drivers to fill up their tanks.

Take a photograph of a sign showing per-gallon prices by gas type, and send it to jessica@snopes.com.

We’re collecting the gas station pictures with the intention of featuring them in Snopes’ political newsletter. The upcoming issue, which will go out to subscribers on June 9, intends to unpack if, or to what extent, U.S. gas prices have historically correlated with the public’s opinion of presidents — and more. Sign up for the email newsletter here.

In your email to jessica@snopes.com with the gas station picture, include the date and location of the picture, as well as a way to contact you. Include the words “gas station” in your email’s subject line.

Over the years, Snopes readers have sent us factually questionable memes or photographs supposedly showing gas prices at U.S. stations. Take this Facebook meme, for instance, that did not consider the actual dates of its depicted prices, or another that seemingly cherry-picked pictures of gas prices that were likely in different states.