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Are 'Let's Go Brandon' In-N-Out Cups Real?

Who knew that In-N-Out cups would become a go-to for photoshoppers.

Published Nov 2, 2021

A photograph shows "Let's Go Brandon" written on the inside rim at the bottom of an In-N-Out cup.

In October 2021, an image started circulating on social media that supposedly showed the words "Let's Go Brandon," a euphemism for "F*ck Joe Biden," on the bottom inside rim of an In-N-Out cup.

This is not a genuine photograph but a digitally altered image.

The fake "Let's Go Brandon" cup was created from the same image that was used in a previous In-N-Out Burger cup hoax. Back in 2015, an image was circulated on social media that showed the words "Hail Satan" written on this cup. Here's a look at the original image, which featured a reference to Bible verse "John 3:16," and the doctored "Let's Go Brandon" version.

The In-N-Out Burger chain does print bible verses on the bottoms of their cups. Lynsi Snyder, the granddaughter of In-N-Out Burger chain Founders Harry and Esther Snyder and current owner of the company, told the Christian Post:

It was my uncle Rich who put the Bible verses on the cups and wrappers in the early ‘90s, just before he passed away ... He had just accepted the Lord and wanted to put that little touch of his faith on our brand. It’s a family business and will always be, and that’s a family touch. In later years, I added verses to the fry boat, coffee, and hot cocoa cups.


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Dan Evon is a former writer for Snopes.