Do In-N-Out Cups Contain ‘Hail Satan’ Messages?

A digitally manipulated photograph purportedly shows that the In-N-Out Burger chain printed "Hail Satan" on their beverage cups.


A photograph shows the phrase "Hail Satan" printed on the bottom of a cup from the In-N-Out Burger chain.



In-N-Out Burger chain of restaurants, which operate primarily in the American Southwest, is known (among other reasons) for printing references to Bible verses (such as Proverbs 3:5 and Revelation 3:20) on their cups, wrappers, and other packaging material.

An image spoofing In-N-Out’s religious reputation by purportedly showing the phrase “Hail Satan” printed on the bottom of a cup from the restaurant chain has been circulating online since at least 2010, when it was posted to the web site Joy Reactor:

However, the “Hail Satan” phrase shown obviously just a digitally manipulated version of a photograph of an In-N-Out cup bearing the standard “John 3:16” imprint:

john 316

When the image of the “Hail Satan” cup began recirculating on the internet in October 2015, In-N-Out took to Facebook page to assure their customers that the photograph was a fake:

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