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Does U.S Rep. Ilhan Omar Want to Legalize the Sale of Dog Meat?

Hard to imagine anyone wants us to "eat our beloved puppies," least of all the U.S. Congress.

Published Jul 16, 2019

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U.S. Rep. lhan Omar wants to legalize the sale of dog meat in the U.S.

The notion that "offended" Muslims want to ban the sale or use of pork products in the U.S. and European countries is a common trope in the online misinformation sphere, one that was trotted out yet again in a June 20, 2019, article on the bustatroll.org website claiming U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar (a Muslim) was advocating for Americans to start consuming dog meat rather than pork:

Democrat Ilhan Omar has been pushing hard since her arrival in America to have pork removed from store shelves. Asking for an outright ban failed, as did a proposal of sky high pork taxes. So now she’s trying a different tactic. She’s offering what she calls an “identical substitute”.

Yes, you read that right. The Democrat Representative from Minnesota wants America to start eating dog meat as an alternative to pigs.

This was not true, of course: Neither Omar nor anyone else in the U.S. Congress has encouraged Americans to turn away from pork products in favor of dog meat. The story was a complete fabrication from bustatroll, a site that is part of the America's Last Line of Defense (LLOD) network of websites and social media accounts infamous for generating politically inflammatory misinformation under the guise of proffering "satire."


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