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Donald Trump Released a 'First Day Out' Jail Rap Song?

The rumor surfaced as the former president surrendered to authorities on election-interference charges in Fulton County, Georgia.

Published Aug 28, 2023

 (X user @HiRezTheRapper)
Image Via X user @HiRezTheRapper
In August 2023, former U.S. President Donald Trump released a jail rap song titled "First Day Out."

In August 2023, a post on X (formerly Twitter) went viral claiming that former U.S. President Donald Trump had just released a rap song called "First Day Out." The tweet — which had 2.8 million views, as of this writing — was posted as Trump surrendered to Fulton County, Georgia, authorities on election interference-related charges.

The tweet included a video with the purported song and an image supposedly showing the tune on Spotify, a digital music app. The song appeared to feature Trump rapping about his attitude towards his arrest, referring to his viral mugshot, and saying phrases such as, "I will stop the New World Order, but before that I'll finish walls at the border." The X account Hi-Rez The Rapper (@HiRezTheRapper) authored the tweet.

Hi-Rez describes himself in his Instagram bio as a "rapper, free thinker, God fearing American Jew." The artist also shared the song on YouTube, where it had gained more than 160,000 views, as of this writing.

The video's caption on YouTube read:

Btw, I will be releasing my real music in coming weeks hahaha I am just having too much fun with this shit. Don't care who unsubs or hates it tbh I am having a blast lol!

Although the in-question song was real (that is, it existed on Spotify and iTunes), it was not released nor created by the former president. Trump's voice was most likely generated using artificial-intelligence (AI) software.

After the above-mentioned tweet went viral, Hi-Rez posted a follow-up message on X saying the song was "an absolute joke."

A song I made as an absolute joke in 30 minutes now has millions of views, streams, and thousands of sales. We're bringing people together through comedy, music, culture, & politics. They want us divided and living in fear! We're taking back Hollywood, entertainment & the culture

Under the name "Trump The Don," Hi-Rez released the song "First Day Out" on Spotify and iTunes on Aug. 25, 2023.

Here are the lyrics of the song, according to Genius website, an online music encyclopedia, that we confirmed listening to the song:


I wanna go to LA


Shout out Patriot J, Benny Johnson, Big Bongino, Alex Jones

Free my dogs on lockup

The radical left's gone crazy


Out on bail, out on bail

I won't see inside a cell

Shout out Thugga, free my slime

Slat slat, Y-S-L

They tryna lock me up

But I'm plugged in in A-T-L

Got homies doing life in jail

They living in hell

These DA's acting silly

My mugshot is worth a billi

Sold some merch and made a milli

Shout out Meek Milli, out in Philly

Shout to Da Baby, shout to De Sosa

Benny Butcher, them my rollers

Call me racist?

But these rappers riding with me

They my soldiers

Maga, Maga, Maga

I am not who they're after

I'm just in the way

They want to get to you

But I won't let them

Cold-hеarted, no I'm modest

Getting back to whеre I started

I don't need to do the race

I'ma beat them RICO charges

And if I go to prison

You can't do me like the Clintons

I'll be laid up, eating steak with Secret Service chillin'

Screaming "orange man bad!"

The whole world mad

Thug life, shout out all of my Maga based chads

Coming for the deep state

I will stop the New World Order

But before that I'll finish walls at the border


YSL, slat slat, shout out Thugga

Finny got nothing on us

On the same Spotify account, we found a similar song with the title, "Donald Trump vs Joe Biden (Rap Battle)." That tune featured an AI-generated voice of not only Trump but also U.S. President Joe Biden.


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Aleksandra Wrona is a reporting fellow for Snopes, based in the Warsaw area.