WATCH: Eiffel Tower Lights Up in the Colors of the Ukrainian Flag

Cities around the world have lit famous monuments in blue and gold. Here’s a roundup of photographs.

Published Feb 25, 2022

 (Twitter/La tour Eiffel)
Image Via Twitter/La tour Eiffel

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Following the invasion of Ukraine by Russia on Feb. 24, 2022, people around the world expressed support for the Eastern European nation in ways appropriate for 2022. Turkish football fans engaged in an anti-Kremlin chant while the Taliban called for a “peaceful” resolution between the two parties.

In true French fashion, Parisians illuminated the Eiffel Tower, a symbol of the European city, with the blue and gold of the Ukrainian flag.

A video of the lighting was posted to Reddit on Feb. 25, 2022, where as of this writing it had been upvoted more than 1,300 times. Meanwhile, a 16-minute video shared by the British publication The Independent was recorded live, showing Paris’ Eiffel Tower lighting up in as a means to express the nation’s support of Ukraine.

In a Twitter post, the British newspaper The Telegraph reported that the light display was made at the request of Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo. French President Emmanuel Macron also expressed his support of Ukraine, announcing that the nation will respond without weakness to Russia’s “act of war” on its neighboring nation.

From the Empire State Building in New York City to the London Eye, social media users from around the world have posted photographs of some of the planet’s best-known monuments lit up in blue and yellow. We’ve posted a roundup of cities from around the world below:

London Eye in London, UK

Trafalgar Square in London, UK

Empire State Building in New York City, US

Veliko Tarnova in Bulgaria

St. George’s Hall in Liverpool, UK

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany

Mole Antonelliana in Turin

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