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Did YouTube Star MrBeast Buy Out a Neighborhood in NC for His Employees?

The YouTube celebrity is known for his philanthropy, though he has also faced criticism over it.

Published May 10, 2023

 (Image Via Monica Schipper/Getty Images)
Image Via Image Via Monica Schipper/Getty Images
As of May 2023, YouTuber MrBeast had bought up nearly an entire neighborhood in Greenville, North Carolina, for his family, friends, and employees.

In May 2023, the New York Post published a story claiming that the YouTube megastar MrBeast had been purchasing properties in a neighborhood just outside Greenville, North Carolina, where he resides. The report stated that he had purchased five separate homes centered around a cul-de-sac over the previous two years.

"On an unassuming street just outside of Greenville, North Carolina, Jimmy Donaldson – famously known as MrBeast – has been quietly buying out a neighborhood for himself, his family and his employees," the newspaper reported. Only one house remained that the YouTube star had yet to purchase. The story cited a neighbor for the information. "My understanding is the folks who are holding out is similar to any reason why would anyone would have held out  its (sic) the best school districts in the area, and they have kids in school," Aaron Bowden, who sold his home to Donaldson last year, told the newspaper.

We conducted a search on The Daily Reflector, Greenville's local news outlet, as well as on the state's major newspaper, The Charlotte Observer, but did not find any such reports.

We have reached out to MrBeast and his team to either confirm or deny the report regarding the purchase of homes for his family, friends, and employees. We will update the report when – and if – we receive a response.

With over 150 million subscribers on YouTube, MrBeast is the biggest individual star on the channel. According to Forbes, the 24-year-old YouTuber was on track to become the first billionaire from the platform. While he is known for his philanthropy, he has also faced criticism for his charitable endeavors.

At this moment, however, we do not have enough available information. For now we rate this claim as "Research in Progress."


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Damakant Jayshi is a former writer for Snopes.