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Is This Suggestive Mickey Mouse Milk Ad Real?

Sometimes, a bottle of milk is just a mouse's favorite treat.

Published June 11, 2021

A 1934 dairy ad featured sexually suggestive dialog from Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

A favorite picture commonly posted to social media and image-sharing platforms is a supposed advertisement for milk from the Grand Rapids Creamery, one which utilized the popular cartoon characters of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The image is a favorite not just for its use of Disney characters, but for the allegedly (inadvertent) sexual suggestiveness of the ad copy:

mickey mouse creamery ad

With Minnie and Mickey both pointing to a bottle of Grand Rapids Creamery brand milk, Minnie gushes to her beau that "Outside of you, Mickey — that milk is the best thing in the world!" Mickey waxes lyrical in replying, "INSIDE of you, Minnie, my milk is the best thing in the world!"

As Boing Boing wrote back in 2011, this "bit of dialogue from Minnie and Mickey Mouse either contains a rude double-entendre or is a relic of an era of unbelievable naiveté."

Boing Boing was wrong about that, though, as many others have been. This image is a subtly altered version of a more innocuous advertisement.

Back in the 1930s, a number of different dairies gave away copies of a promotional Mickey Mouse Magazine produced by Hal Thorne, who licensed the use of Disney characters. The covers and advertisements used for those magazines were generic, with the name of the local sponsoring dairy overlaid on them, like so:

The original milk ad in question had Mickey stating not that "INSIDE of you, Minnie, my milk is the best thing in the world!" but rather "INSIDE of you, Minnie, that milk is the best thing in the world!":

Ah, but what a difference a word makes. In this case, a difference that has prompted countless viewers to tittle over a supposedly "innocent little double entendre that the ad agency thought was clever" that was actually the product of some modern digital image editing.

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