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Is 'Coco 2' Coming Out in October 2024?

"This sequel promises to capture the same magical spirit that made the first COCO film a beloved classic," a post read.

Published March 11, 2024

 (Image via Facebook account @YODA BBY ABY)
Image courtesy of Image via Facebook account @YODA BBY ABY
A poster shared in March 2024 authentically depicted an upcoming sequel to the movie "Coco" called "Coco: Un Dia de los Locos."

On March 6, 2024, Facebook account @YODA BBY ABY posted a claim [archived here] positing that a sequel to the original 2017 film "Coco" would be released in October 2024. The new movie would be called "Coco: Un Dia de los Locos." The full caption for the Facebook post read:

COCO 2!!!

Get ready for an enchanting adventure as Miguel and his family face a bewildering phenomenon in "COCO: UN DIA DE LOS LOCOS." When the afterlife spills into the living world, Miguel, Hector, and their beloved ancestors must embark on a thrilling journey to restore balance. Packed with heartwarming moments and vibrant animation, this sequel promises to capture the same magical spirit that made the first COCO film a beloved classic. Coming to theaters in October 2024.

The post gained more than 278,000 reactions and 31,000 comments at the time of this writing. Response to the post was flooded with users tagging their Facebook friends in excitement. "The kids will love this!!!" one user wrote.

Unfortunately, this is a false claim and no such movie is set to release. If it was, there would have been a marketing campaign by Disney and announcements would have appeared on their official social media pages.

The Facebook account that originally shared the fake poster has made dozens of similarly fake movie posters. The account appears to be connected with another site called screenslant.com. The page's bio has a disclaimer as follows:

I'm just here to eat frogs, lift rocks and be satirical. The page is 100% satire and fake news. ❤️

We've previously debunked other such rumors related to the account, such as this one claiming that a new Studio Ghibli movie was set for release, or one claiming a TV series based on "The Nightmare on Elm Street" character Freddie Krueger would be getting its own 10-part adaptation.

For background, here is why we sometimes write about satire/humor.


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Taija PerryCook is a Seattle-based journalist who previously worked for the PNW news site Crosscut and the Jordan Times in Amman.

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