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Can Black People Get Free Disney World Tickets During Black History Month?

"Lol all the white ppl mad over a joke," one TikTok user commented.

Published Jan 17, 2024

 (Image via Mouse Trap News)
Image Via Image via Mouse Trap News
A January 2024 rumor accurately reports that Black people can visit Disney World for free during Black History Month.

On Jan. 15, 2024, Mouse Trap News published an article positing that Black guests would be able to visit Disney World free of charge during Black History Month (February). Posted on TikTok, the claim picked up traction with 648,200 views and 83,800 likes, as of this writing. "Lol all the white ppl mad over a joke," one user replied to the video.

@mousetrapnews What do you think of this controversial move by Disney? #disneyworld #disneynews #blackhistorymonth #disneytickets #disneyworldnews ♬ Respect - Aretha Franklin

The article began:

Disney World Free For Black People In Black History Month

The Walt Disney Company is all about inclusivity. In fact, we reported here on Disney’s new movie Proud, which features Lizzo as the first obese Disney princess. They also are making Moana transgender, which is another way to be inclusive. Now, Disney World is going to be even more inclusive with the announcement that black people can get in free during Black History Month.

However, this article was written entirely for satirical purposes and was not a factual recounting of any real-life events. Satirical sites like Mouse Trap News specifically pick up on "hot-button" topics for clicks and internet engagement. Mouse Trap News describes its output as being humorous or satirical in nature, as follows:

Mouse Trap News is the world's best satire site. We write fake stories about Disney Parks stuff. From Disney Park announcements to Disney Hotel and resort news to made-up Disney partnerships, you can be assured that anything you read here is not true, real, or accurate, but it is fun.

Disney has made no such offers or claims. Last February (2023), the company published a statement on LIFE at Disney, the corporation's blog. "During Black History Month and throughout the year, we’re celebrating our Black and African American employees, consumers, and fans around the world," the statement began.

“I look forward to the necessary focus on Black people, the celebration of their significant contributions to society and unwavering excellence, as well as expanding the conversation to Black History Always where we don’t limit prioritization and recognition to a singular month,” said Christina Carey Dunleavy, VP, Disney CreativeWorks and Multicultural & Inclusive Solutions, in the same blog post.

We've previously debunked other claims originating with Mouse Trap News, such as that Disney was requiring drug testing for all guests over the age of 9, and that Disney would be allowing for open carry of firearms at Disney World.

For background, here is why we sometimes write about satire/humor.


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