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Did Biden Fart During a Town Hall?

One more fart rumor and we may have to assign a reporter to the Biden butt beat.

Published Nov 4, 2021

 (White House / Instagram)
Image Via White House / Instagram
A video captures U.S. President Joe Biden farting during a town hall.

In October 2021, an unfounded rumor was circulated on social media that U.S. President Joe Biden had pooped his pants during a trip to the Vatican. While this rumor was made up out of whole cloth, it gained traction on social media, where it trended with hashtags such as #poopgate.

A few days later, a video that supposedly captured audio of the president farting during a town hall was circulated online.


The audio of a fart in this video is not genuine. This audio was added to make it seem as though Biden farted during a town hall.

This clip was taken from a CNN town hall on Oct. 22. The moment shown in the above-displayed clip can be seen (without the fabricated fart noise) at around the 42-minute mark of the following video.


Host Anderson Cooper was asking Biden about inflation during this segment. Here's a transcript of the this exchange:

MR. COOPER: Let me — let me ask you about that, just in terms of inflation, because you had told us at a town hall, I think it was in July, that the — it was just near-term inflation. The Wall Street Journal recently talked to like 67 financial experts who said that they saw high inflation going all the way — or deep into 2022. Do you think it’s going to last for a while?

THE PRESIDENT: I — I don’t think so. I don’t think it will last if — depending what we do. If we stay exactly where we are, yes. If we don’t make these investments, yes.

MR. COOPER: What about gas prices? Because some states —


MR. COOPER: — are seeing —

THE PRESIDENT: Gas prices relate to a foreign policy initiative that is about something that goes beyond the cost of gas. And we’re about $3.30 a gallon most places now, when it’s up from — when it was down in the single digits. I mean — single di- — a dollar-plus. And — and that’s because of the supply being withheld by OPEC.

And so, there’s a lot of negotiation that is — there — there’s a lot of Middle Eastern folks who want to talk to me.

Dan Evon is a former writer for Snopes.