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Bryan Cranston to Star in New 'Heisenberg' Movie?

The alleged sequel to "Breaking Bad" will supposedly be titled "Heisenberg," after Cranston's character's alias.

Published March 29, 2024

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Bryan Cranston will star in a movie sequel to "Breaking Bad" titled "Heisenberg," to be released in August 2024.

On March 24, 2024, the Facebook page YODA BBY ABY published a movie poster in a post saying that Bryan Cranston would star in a sequel to the series "Breaking Bad," in which he starred, to be released in August 2024.

The poster, which showed Cranston's character, Walter White, in a hospital bed, had gained 125,000 reactions, 73,000 shares and 61,000 comments as of this writing. The post read:


"HEISENBERG," brings the iconic Bryan Cranston, back to the screen in a pulse-pounding sequel that unfolds after the legendary finale of Breaking Bad. When an ambulance delivers Walter White to a fate seemingly sealed by cuffs and concrete, his most daring escape begins, unveiling two hours of unmatched brilliance and ingenuity. Coming to theaters in August 2024 from AMC Films, witness Walter White's final level, now more powerful and merciless than ever in a masterful game of survival and danger.

"I cant wait for this i love breaking bad ive watched it so many times❤️," one commenter wrote. "Imagine ruining the greatest tv series in history," said another. 

Unfortunately for fans of the series, this item originated on a page that describes its output as being humorous or satirical in nature:

I'm just here to eat frogs, lift rocks and be satirical. The page is 100% satire and fake news. ❤️

We've written a number of times about the satirical Facebook page. Previously, a post promoted a fake poster for a "Pirates of the Caribbean" sequel supposedly starring Johnny Depp, and another poster claimed a remake of "The Land Before Time" was coming in December 2024. 

For background, here is why we sometimes write about satire/humor.


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