Urban legends about musicians and pop artists.

Pop music stars have long been notorious for their outrageous behavior, both on-stage and off. And even the well-behaved ones have managed to generate a few interesting stories about themselves . . .

Red bullet 311's name masks sinister ties to white supremacy, because 'K' is the eleventh letter of the alphabet, and three times 'K' equals KKK.

Red bullet Aerosmith once decided to play their set list in reverse, then opened with their encore and walked off the stage.

Bell, Joshua:
Green bullet Violinist Joshua Bell plays in the subway.

Red bullet Bono announces every time he claps a child in Africa dies; someone from the audience tells him to stop doing that.

Bowie, David:
Multi-colored bullet David Bowie's wife once caught him in bed with Mick Jagger.

Carey, Mariah:
Red bullet Mariah Carey said she'd love to be skinny like "starving children."*
Red bullet When asked for a reaction to the death of King Hussein of Jordan, Carey mourned the loss of the greatest basketball player of all time.*

Red bullet R&B singer Ciara was once a man.

Clapton, Eric:
Yellow bullet A vicar advised Eric Clapton to take "a few months to practice" before playing his guitar in church.
Red bullet After the beleaguered lead guitarist of a band responds to heckling by asking if anyone in the audience thinks he can do better, Clapton steps onto the stage and shows him up.
Green bullet "Tears in Heaven" was composed as a tribute to Conor Clapton, Eric's preschooler son who died in an accident.*

Collins, Phil:
Red bullet Phil Collins orders all Jews to leave his concert.
Red bullet Phil Collins wrote "In The Air Tonight" after witnessing a man refuse to come to the aid of a drowning swimmer.*

Denver, John:
Red bullet John Denver was a U.S. Army sniper in Vietnam.
Red bullet John Denver orders all Jehovah's Witnesses to leave his concert.

Elliot, "Mama" Cass:
Red bullet Mama Cass choked to death on a ham sandwich.
Red bullet Singer "Mama" Cass Elliot experienced an increase in her vocal range after she was hit in the head by a pipe.

Greenwood, Lee:
Red bullet God Bless the USA singer-composer Lee Greenwood dodged the draft by fleeing to Canada.

Harry, Deborah:
Red bullet Deborah Harry was once abducted by serial killer Ted Bundy.

Hendrix, Jimi:
Red bullet Jimi Hendrix was dropped as an opening act from a Monkees tour because the Daughters of the American Revolution complained that his stage act was "too erotic."
Red bullet During a "Tonight Show" appearance, Jimi Hendrix proclaimed Phil Keaggy to be the greatest guitarist of all time.

Hill, Lauryn:
Red bullet Lauryn Hill once announced she'd rather die than have white people buy her albums.*

Holly, Buddy:
Red bullet The airplane in which Buddy Holly died was named American Pie.
Red bullet Buddy Holly's group named themselves "The Crickets" because the sound of a chirping cricket accidentally appeared on one of their recordings.

Hung, William:
Red bullet American Idol favorite William Hung died of a heroin overdose.

Jackson, Michael:
Green bullet Michael Jackson owns the rights to the Beatles' songs.
Multi-status bullet Michael Jackson has a prosthetic nose and it fell off during a recent TV special.

Jagger, Mick:
Red bullet Mick Jagger was caught with Marianne Faithfull and a Mars bar during a drug raid.

Jett, Joan:
Red bullet Joan Jett sent an angry letter to Rolling Stone to complain about their "Women in Rock" issue.

John, Elton:
Red bullet Elton John collapsed at a party and had semen pumped from his stomach.

Kid Rock:
Red bullet Kid Rock is the son of Hank Williams, Jr.

Red bullet KISS bassist Gene Simmons had a cow's tongue grafted onto his own.
Green bullet Blood from KISS band members was mixed with the red ink used to print the first KISS comic book.

Lady Gaga:
Red bullet Lady Gaga is a hermaphrodite.
Lady Gaga:
Red bullet Fame, Lady Gaga's perfume, is made with blood and semen.

Led Zeppelin:
Green bullet Members of Led Zeppelin once employed a mud shark on a female groupie.

Lil' Bow Wow:
Red bullet Rapper Lil' Bow Wow was raped by his driver or bodyguard.

Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes:
Red bullet Lisa Lopes of TLC was murdered in a revenge killing.

Manson, Marilyn:
Red bullet Marilyn Manson was Paul Pfeiffer in TV's The Wonder Years.
Red bullet Marilyn Manson slaughters puppies as part of his stage show.
Red bullet Marilyn Manson became Evil Incarnate because a church youth group shunned him.

The Masked Marauders:
Red bullet A group of 1960s rock superstars recorded an album under the name The Masked Marauders.

Bobby McFerrin:
Red bullet Bobby McFerrin, singer of "Don't Worry, Be Happy," killed himself.

The Monkees:
Red bullet Charles Manson auditioned for the Monkees.*
Green bullet Michael Nesmith's mother invented Liquid Paper correction fluid.
Red bullet Mike Nesmith learned to play guitar to regain dexterity in fingers injured by a firecracker.

Nelson, Willie:
Red bullet Willie Nelson said it was a good thing he was caught with a bag of marijuana rather than spinach else he'd have been dead by now.*

Perlman, Itzhak:
Red bullet Violinist Itzhak Perlman once finished a concert on an instrument with only three strings after one string broke.

Presley, Elvis:
Red bullet Elvis once said: "The only thing a nigger can do for me is buy my records and shine my shoes."
Green bullet Elvis was told: "Stick to driving a truck, because you'll never make it as a singer."
Green bullet Elvis' backup singers walked out during a concert after his remark that their breath "smelled like catfish."

Richards, Keith:
Red bullet Keith Richards beat a heroin addiction by having all his blood replaced at a Swiss medical clinic.

Slick, Grace:
Red bullet Jefferson Airplane singer Grace Slick named her daughter 'God.'

Spector, Phil:
Multi-colored bullet Producer Phil Spector deliberately recorded an unreleasable song called "The Screw" in order to cheat his former partner out of royalties.

Stewart, Rod:
Red bullet Rod Stewart collapsed at a party and had semen pumped from his stomach.

Red bullet The band 10cc was so named because the term represents the amount of semen in an average male ejaculation (or a little bit more).

Twain, Shania:
Red bullet Shania Twain is the great-granddaughter of Mark Twain.

Underwood, Carrie:
Red bullet Atheists are trying to ban the Carrie Underwood song "Something in the Water" because they are offended by its Christian themes.

Urban, Keith:
Red bullet Keith Urban orders all Canadians to leave his concert.

Van Halen:
Green bullet Van Halen's standard performance contract contained a provision calling for them to be provided with a bowl of M&Ms, but with all the brown candies removed.

Vega, Sergio:
Green bullet Sergio Vega murdered scant hours after dispelling rumors about reports of his death.

Williams, Hank Jr.:
Red bullet Hank Williams, Jr. is the father of Kid Rock.

Wood, Ron:
Yellow bullet Guitarist Ron Wood lost a chance to join the Rolling Stones in 1969 because he missed a phone call.

Zappa, Frank:
Red bullet Frank Zappa was the son of TV's Mr. Greenjeans.
Red bullet Frank Zappa won a gross-out contest by eating excrement on stage.

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