Claim:   Photograph shows a Ron Paul supporter sneaking a message into a photograph with Barack Obama.


Examples:   [Collected via e-mail, February 2012]

This is pretty funny! The guy in the background has figured out that something just isn’t quite right.

College kids got to Love’ em! Obama never saw it coming … but boy was he pissed after it happened! It is now rumored that Obama has everyone’s hands checked before taking pictures with them.

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Origins:   The image displayed above may be the product of a college prank, but if so it’s one of the Photoshop variety, not of someone’s posing for a photo op with a political figure while furtively displaying a subversive message promoting another candidate scrawled on his hand.

This item is an altered version of a photograph taken in February 2008 at a Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in Richmond, Virginia, and shows then Senator Barack Obama posing with supporter Tim Kelley of Washington, D.C.:

Last updated:   22 February 2012