IHOP Confuses Social Media, Adopts ‘IHOb’

Pancake chain IHOP teased a name change to "IHOb," revealing on 11 June 2018 that the new "b" stood for "burgers."

Image via Philip Lange / Shutterstock.com

On 4 June 2018, the International House of Pancakes (better known as “IHOP”) began promoting a “name change” — to “IHOb”:

In the interim, IHOP tried to generate interest in the “mystery” by sharing coy tweets and social media content about the “b” in “IHOb”:

One week later, IHOP (which carried the change over to its Twitter handle, @IHOb) revealed that the new letter in their name signaled a new focus on burgers:

After the announcement (and before), IHOb interacted with high-profile Twitter users discussing the name change:

Interestingly, Wendy’s appeared to attract far more engagement for their humorous commentary regarding the “IHOb” promotion (nearly 50,000 likes and over 44,000 retweets):

Other brands (and Wendy’s repeatedly) mocked the promotion:

IHOb also issued a press release about the change and still used the original “IHOP” in its footer, suggesting the switch was a temporary promotion.

  • IHOP.com.   “IHOP® Changes Name To IHOb℠ And Reveals The ‘B’ Is For Burgers.”
        11 June 2018.

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