A1 Introduces Meat-Scented Steak Sauce Candles

A1 Steak Sauce candles are available for a limited time in three meat-scented varieties.

Published May 31, 2018

 (A1 Meat Scents)
Image Via A1 Meat Scents

On 30 May 2018, A1 Steak Sauce tweeted about an unusual addition to the brand — meat-scented candles introduced for Father's Day:

Although the product looked as if it might be a joke on first glance, A1's Twitter account was verified and news articles linked to a specific web site designed just for the pop-up candle shop. On, the landing page stated:

Give the gift of meat and make every room smell deliciously tasty. With three distinct "flavors," these A.1. Meat Scents are the perfect thing to make anyone hungry and happy. So now you don't have to do the whole cooking thing to get that hearty smell.

A1's meat candles came in three varieties: "Original Meat," "Backyard BBQ," and simply "Burger." Their product descriptions included burn time and shipping information, as well as distinct scent profiles:

Original Meat: The even burn of this candle fills any room with the signature aroma of A.1., conjuring warm memories of delicious meals shared with the ones you love. Pairs well with dad jokes.

Backyard BBQ: Breathe in those memories of celebrating dad with a classic backyard BBQ. The smells of hot summer air, meat sizzling on the grill, mingled with the rich, tangy scent of A.1. while surrounded by friends and family.

Burger: Every dad has that one burger they'll never forget. A perfectly-cooked patty, all the fixin's, and a tangy dollop of A.1. sauce that puts it over the top. This is that burger. Well, technically it's a candle, but you get what we're saying.

A FAQ page didn't specify exactly how long A1 meat candles were available.

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