Reports: Trump Family's Votes Weren't Counted in New York Mayoral Election

The New York Daily News has reported that due to errors on their absentee ballots, the votes of Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Jared Kushner didn't count.

Published Dec 18, 2017

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First Lady Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump, and her husband (and presidential adviser) Jared Kushner applied to file absentee ballots in New York's mayoral election on 7 November 2017, but their votes weren't counted because of mistakes they made when filing, the New York Daily News has reported.

Citing officials at the New York City Board of Elections (BOE), the report said Melania Trump failed to sign the envelope containing her ballot as required, Ivanka Trump mailed in her ballot too late to be counted (per the instructions on the ballot application, it must be mailed no later than the seventh day before the election), and Jared Kushner never mailed his at all. Each of these errors is sufficient to render a ballot invalid, a Board of Elections official told the Daily News.

BOE spokeswoman Valerie Vazquez confirmed to NBC News on 12 December that Melania and Ivanka Trump's ballots were "invalid and not counted."

President Trump, who also voted by absentee ballot, properly signed the envelope and mailed it on time, but listed the wrong birthdate (July 14, 1946 instead of June 14), the Daily News said. It remains unclear whether this prevented Trump's vote from being counted.

The Trump family's votes weren't crucial to the outcome of the election, which Democratic incumbent Bill de Blasio won by a substantial margin (with 66.9 percent of the vote) over Republican challenger Nicole Malliotakis. President Trump has been a vocal critic of de Blasio.

We have reached out to the New York City Board of Elections for further details.


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