New York Traffic Stalled by Mysterious Cowboy

Staten Island's Outerbridge Crossing was briefly at a standstill as the man rode one horse and led another across lanes.

  • Published 27 June 2016

A busy New York bridge was briefly brought to a standstill by a sight rarely seen in the region — a cowboy on a horse trotting blithely through lanes while leading another:

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey released a later photograph, this time of the cowboy being cited for trespassing and for impeding traffic:

Staten Island cowboy cited

The Port Authority identified the man as Tod “Doc” Mishler, who rides his horses all over the United States (and seems to be an old hand at getting cited) in order to raise awareness about childhood hunger.  The entity added that Mishler didn’t pay a toll to cross the bridge, as he wasn’t driving a motorized vehicle.