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News: A rumored Amazon pricing glitch led to $15 Doc Martens and other unbelievable deals.

Published Mar 11, 2015

In the early hours of 11 March 2015, social media sites including Reddit, a deals forum, and Twitter began buzzing over an seller's shoe sale that looked way too good to be true, with high-end, expensive brand items (including Nike, Doc Martens, and Red Wing) briefly retailing

for a dirt-cheap $15.30. While all items had been removed from the seller's Amazon page by later in the day on 11 March 2015, tweets and screenshots of purported deals remained on social media.

Many users shared screen captures of their purchases, all of which had one thing in common: a price point of $15.30. But some Reddit users involved in a discussion about the unusual sale cited many reasons those tempted by the deals should be wary.

Some claimed that glitches of that nature were known to occur from time to time on Amazon, and affected orders were always summarily canceled. Other Reddit users suspected the merchandise was counterfeit, and some believed that fake reviews were used to bolster the seller's veneer of credibility. Many likened it to a previous situation involving unbelievably well-priced shoes:

UPVOTE FOR VISIBILITY EDIT: this seller is the same situation as Shoezoo from a few months ago. These shoes are counterfeit. common problems with shoezoo's situation was getting the totally wrong size, then return shipping biting you in the ass. Also reports of terrible material that dyes ur clothes, socks. And finally also reports of sending used pairs. Like sole is completely rubbed raw. Regardless, these are Poorly made fakes. Hope that helps. (nords will not price match 3rd party garbage like this fyi)

While those discussing the $15 shoes entertained a healthy level of skepticism, many still opted to roll the dice and order:

After the items disappeared from Amazon, at least one Reddit user claimed s/he had received a shipment confirmation. No other users so far reported that their orders were canceled, and no explanation for the temporarily low price on high-end shoe brands has been offered to date by Amazon or the seller.

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