Will McDonald's Halloween Happy Meals Contain Ouija Boards?

Will McDonald's Halloween Happy Meals contain Ouija boards this year?

Published Aug 27, 2014

Claim:   McDonald's Halloween Happy Meals will contain Ouija boards this year.


In August 2014, rumors began to swirl that McDonald's would be offering a different Halloween-themed Happy Meal this year. Instead of the standard treat bucket Halloween Happy Meal, a Ouija board would be the season's McDonald's toy selection.
Pretty quickly, interest in the idea of a Happy Meal Ouija board picked up. While Ouija boards are readily available in toy stores, some people find them distasteful, occult-related, or otherwise offensive and inappropriate for children.

As it turns out, McDonald's Happy Meal Ouija boards started as a joke. It didn't take all that long to trace the rumor back to SyFy's Amy Bruni, who tweeted:

Bruni was making reference to this Facebook post from 26 August 2014 - later edited to emphasize a "winky face" emoticon:

Bruni's post on Facebook rapidly garnered nearly 4,000 shares, and she quickly addressed the escalating confusion:

Ummm, hey...guys? Hey? Hi. This is a JOKE. Sarcasm. Satire. Hence the winky face...and the clear ridiculousness of there being a ouija board Happy Meal. And even crazier than that, that I would ever eat at McDonalds. Ok, all done? Phew. Goodnight!


Despite Bruni's quick action and continual assertion that the McDonald's Happy Meal Ouija board was a joke, several posters were unsettled by the notion. Many expressed concern that Ouija boards used "irresponsibly" could cause danger to children, while others were simply frightened by the idea of having a Ouija board in the house.

One commenter reported having had "bad experiences" with Ouija boards, and replied:

Sorry Amy but I so totally disagree with this ... how many times have ANY Ghost show programs (be it yours GH or GA) and tell people that Ouija boards are dangerous ... Dangerous cannot be stressed enough on this thing ... What [mild expletive] at McD's thought that this was such a neat idea and for it to be giving to young children no less!!


Current and upcoming McDonald's Happy Meal toy offerings are posted to the brand's Happy Meal subsite.

Last updated:   27 August 2014

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