Claim:   Teenage girls Julianne Buzzelli and Alexis Bailey are missing from their southern California home.


Example:   [Collected via e-mail, September 2009]

Hello everyone!

Unfortunately, it is with sad or scary news that I am contacting everyone. My next door neighbor and good friend, Donna Buzzelli’s 16 year daughter Julianne Buzzelli and her best friend Alexis ‘Lexi’ Bailey have been missing since Friday night. The girls were spending the night at the Bailey home and got the not so bright idea to sneak out in the middle of the night to attend what they told one friend was a party. No one knows where this party was or who was giving this party. Neither of the two girls can drive. Only Julianne had a cellphone which has either been turned off or the battery has died. According to phone logs a man in Escondido had been in contact with Julianne that several times that evening, and was one of the last out going calls besides one to check her voicemail. He is denying any connection or even knowing the girls at this time. No one has heard from either of the two girls since that evening. A police report was filed with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Dept. You can only imagine how terrifying this situation is for the families of these two girls. Please forward this email and flyer to as many people as possible and keep the families in your prayers.


Origins:   On the evening of 21 August 2009, 15-year-old Alexis “Lexi” Bailey and 16-year-old Julianne Buzzelli were spending the night at the former’s home near Temecula, California. A parent who attempted to

check on the girls shortly before midnight found them missing from the house; and when the teenagers did not return, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department was notified of their disappearance. Flyers like the one displayed above, showing photographs of the girls and contact information, were distributed throughout the Temecula area.

The two girls returned home alive and well six days later. The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department noted that the teenagers were not abducted or held against their will — they left home on their own and returned without incident (although the sheriff has not yet provided details about where the girls were or what they were doing in the interim).

Messages pleading for help in finding Julianne Buzzelli and Alexis Bailey have continued to circulate nonetheless.

Last updated:   2 September 2009


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