Is This Photograph of a Zippered Tongue Real?

This goes well beyond body modification.

Image via Shutterstock


Photograph shows a split tongue body modification with a zipper installed.



The art of body modification may have progressed beyond basic tattoos and piercings, but not quite to the extent of a zippered tongue — at least, not as evidenced by the photograph displayed below.


Just wondering if you’ve seen this photo – and if it’s for real …

As shown in the body art magazine Piel, the split tongue portion of the image (performed by Maryland body artist Zak Zito) is real, but the zipper (and second stud) were digitally added to the photograph, with the results submitted as an entry to a PhotoShop contest:

  • Larratt, Shannon.   “Seriously, WTF? — Start Doing Corset Piercings Properly.”   17 April 2005.

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