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Ted Cruz: Westboro Hero?

Fauxtography: Photograph purportedly shows a Westboro Baptist Church sign reading 'Ted Cruz Is Our Hero.'

Published Mar 25, 2015


Claim:   Photograph shows a Westboro Baptist Church sign reading 'Ted Cruz Is Our Hero.'"


Example:   [Collected via Twitter, March 2015]


Origins:   Shortly after Texas senator Ted Cruz announced that he was a candidate for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, a sign that purportedly showed an enthusiastic endorsement of Cruz from the Westboro Baptist Church (an unaffiliated Baptist church that is known for its hate speech, especially towards homosexuals) began circulating via Twitter.

The above-displayed image, however, is not authentic. It was created with a "Westboro Baptist Church Sign Generator" which is readily available on the web site says-it.com and allows users to create seemingly real pictures of Westboro Baptist Church signs bearing messages of their choosing:

Ever seen those signs in front of churches with the moveable letters? Ever wanted to rearrange the letters to make your own church sign? Well, now you can.

Welcome to the Westboro Baptist Church Sign Generator. Enter some text and click the 'Go' button. A WBC church sign will be generated for you.

In addition to the Westboro Baptist Church Sign Generator, says-it.com also features templates for movie marquees, political posters, and billboards. Similar fake sign generators have been used to mislead people about dogs going to heaven and the political beliefs of fast food restaurants:

Last updated:   25 March 2015

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