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Walt Disney

Legends and myths about Walt Disney.

Published Nov 16, 2008

Walt Disney was a tantalizing contradiction. He was the creative head of one of the film industry's most renowned movie studios, the inventive genius behind a world-famous theme park, and the genial host to of a weekly television program. Nonetheless, his private life remained remarkably private: to all appearances he was the traditional family man, maintaining a forty-one year marriage and raising two daughters. Since his death, however, more than a few unusual tales have come to be told about our beloved Uncle Walt. In this case, fiction is definitely stranger than truth.

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Walt Disney was an illegitimate child.

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Walt Disney was dishonorably discharged from the military.

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Walt Disney's body was put in cryonic storage.

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Walt Disney's face appears on a
bust in the Haunted Mansion.*

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Walt Disney was born in Robinson, Illinois, and named after a helpful townsperson who assisted his parents.

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Disney animators slipped a single frame of a naked woman into a film to see if Walt could spot it.

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Walt Disney's will specified that a substantial bequest go to the first man to become pregnant or bear a child.

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Maternal figures were typically absent in Walt Disney's animated films because he felt responsible for his own mother's death.

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