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Is This Can of 'Fish Assholes' Real?

We don't mean to be crude. This photograph purportedly shows a food can labeled "fish assholes."

Published Apr 14, 2012

Image Via Shutterstock
Photograph shows a can containing "fish assholes."

One type of item commonly found in novelty stores and souvenir shops is ordinary food products vended in packaging that describes them as being some form of decidedly unappetizing (if not outright disgusting) animal-derived product. Thus bags of chocolate-covered nuts are sold as "moose droppings," tinned green beans are sold as "porcupine peckers," and cans of condensed milk are sold as "jackalope milk."

Cans of "fish assholes" are another such novelty item:

This can has been appearing on the Web, usually under "Crazy Foods" and the like. Is this a legitimate product?

This item as sold is typically just a container of pasta in tomato/cheese sauce akin to Campbell's brand SpaghettiOs. Some versions of this item are specifically identified as being such, while consumers can also purchase just the labels and slap them on their own cans of SpaghettiOs (or similar product).


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