Did Donald Trump Assault a Marine Then Rip Off His Cover?

A video of the president picking up and returning a hat was reversed to make it appear as though he had pulled it off a Marine and then tossed it.


CNN aired a video showing President Donald Trump assaulting a Marine and then tearing off his hat.



In July 2017, a video purportedly showing President Donald Trump ripping a hat from a military member went viral, along with a claim that the Commander-in-Chief had first assaulted him — and that the footage had been aired on CNN. 

One of the most popular versions of the claim was posted to the “Women For Trump Movement II: #maga2018” Facebook page: 

The footage in this video is actually being played in reverse, although it is true that in its original iteration it did air on CNN. The real clip shows President Trump picking up the Marine’s hat after it blew off in the wind:


An accompanying article describes what happened when the Marine’s hat was blown off as he stood at the Marine One helicopter:

While boarding Marine One at Joint Base Andrews on Saturday, Trump stopped to retrieve the Marine’s cover — the term used to describe the hat worn by the Marines — which had been blown off his head.
While walking up to the helicopter, Trump noticed the cover on the ground in front of him, reached down to pick it up and returned it to the head of the Marine, who was standing at attention next to the helicopter.
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