Did President Trump Have Diarrhea on the Golf Course?

A photograph purportedly showing President Trump with a brown stain on the back of his golf pants was digitally manipulated.


A photograph shows Donald Trump with a diarrhea stain on his golf pants.



In March 2017, a distasteful image showing President Donald Trump with a brown stain down the back of his golf pants appeared on social media, along with the claim that he was incontinent:

The image reached a far wider audience when it was featured in a fake news article published by the web site Viral Chords a few days after it first appeared on social media, appearing alongside a claim that the President had had diarrhea during a recent golf outing:

President Trump had a little accident on the golf course today, and no, and wasn’t politically. After a large brunch of eggs, bacon, ham, pheasant, roast beef, elk, and a variety of sausage, Trump had a case of diarrhea while playing the 5th hole of his back nine.

A golden color cart drove up and escorted Trump back to the side entrance of Mar-a-lago.

“It wasn’t pretty,” said one golfer.

“It was pretty funny,” said another.

Both this story and the image are fake. The original image was taken by Reuters photographer David Moir on 10 July 2012, during the opening of the Trump International Golf Links golf course. Here’s a look at the original image, as well as a cropped closeup showing Trump’s stain-free backside:

A similar image purportedly showing an incontinent Hillary Clinton was circulated during the 2016 presidential campaign. That image was also a hoax
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