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Does a photograph show a mud puddle in the shape of Australia?

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Claim:   Photograph shows a mud puddle in the shape of Australia.

Status:   Undetermined.

Example:   [Collected via e-mail, 2005]

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Origins:   People often find patterns or shapes (representing objects ranging from the whimsical to the religiously significant) in ordinary, everyday phenomena such as clouds, smoke, windows, and even potato chips. And now, as evidenced by the photograph displayed above, in mud puddles as well.

The shape of the photographed puddle does bear a remarkable resemblance to an outline of the continent of Australia, including the island of Tasmania:

Australia Australia

Although the possibility always exists that such a picture has been digitally manipulated or at least partially staged (by deliberately shaping portions of the puddle), the Army newspaper produced by Australia’s Department of Defence reported that the unusual image was indeed photographed by Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel stationed in Sudan:

ADF personnel deployed to Sudan were given a unique reminder of their island home with a picture on a track. Rain left this mud map in potholes, bearing a striking resemblance to Australia.

Last updated:   16 December 2005