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Did a Snake Swallow an AK-47?

If an AK-47 is dangerous, then a SnAK-47 is dangerhissssss.

Published Feb 28, 2021

Image Via Pixabay
A photograph shows a snake after it swallowed an AK-47.

A picture supposedly showing a snake after it swallowed an AK-47 is frequently circulated on social media:

But this is not a genuine photograph of such a snake. 

One of the first things we look for when examining a potentially doctored picture is for additional pictures that show the scene from other angles. If a picture has been photoshopped, it's unlikely you'll find multiple pictures of the object from different angles. Surprisingly, we found an additional photograph of this SnAK-47, which indicates that this is a physical object, not a digitally created one:

While these pictures appear to document a physical object, this "snake" is not real. For one, it seems unlikely that a snake's body would wrap so tightly around the angular shape of this gun. If a snake did eat an AK-47, its body would stretch from one protuberance to another, creating a more rounded shape. 

So if this picture isn't photoshopped, and if this physical object isn't a real snake, what exactly does it show? 

It shows art work created by Vasily Slonov, a Russian political artist, called "Python-AK." According to Artsy.net, this art is made of rubber and was created in 2019.

Here's a look at this piece on display from Artprice.com:

Dan Evon is a former writer for Snopes.

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