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Does a Video Show Sharks Swimming in a Truck on a Highway?

Shark truck, doo doo doo doo doo doo...

Published Mar 27, 2021

Updated Mar 29, 2021
 (Instagram, screen capture)
Image Via Instagram, screen capture
A social media user in Baltimore, Maryland, captured video of sharks being transported in a truck in late March 2021.

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A video went viral in late March 2021 that appeared to show sharks visible through a window in a container on a moving truck. The video was filmed by a social media user who said she was on a highway in Baltimore, Maryland, who then posted the platforms Instagram and TikTok on March 25, 2021:

A spokesperson for the National Aquarium in Baltimore told Snopes by email that they were aware of the video but, "the animals were not headed to or from the National Aquarium and we did not have any involvement in the transport."

Sharks are internet favorites and often go viral, although sometimes they are the subject of online hoaxes. A common trope is to falsely assert that sharks are swimming in places they shouldn't be, like highways or inside buildings, after a storm or other calamities.

The above video appears to be authentic, but we don't yet have specifics on where or why the sharks were being transported. We will update this story when we get further information.


Updated with comment from National Aquarium spokesperson.

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