A fake news article reported that a cross-eyed woman cut off her partner's penis after he refused to look her in the eye during sex.



On 6 September 2016, the Thug Life Videos web site published an article reporting that an Arizona woman named Shania Jones was arrested for cutting off the tip of her partner’s penis after he refused to look at her during sex:


A woman in Scottsdale, Arizona, has been arrested after she cut off her partner’s penis in a fit of fury. Shania Jones, 34, told detectives that she was sick of the man — who has been named locally as Bruce Fox — refusing to make eye contact with her during sex. Fox is currently in intensive care at Scottsdale Liberty Hospital, where he is expected to make a recovery.

There was no truth to this report. Thug Life Videos is an entertainment web site that frequently publishes “satire” (i.e., fake news) articles, as noted in their disclaimer: “As well as more serious content, we sometimes share the odd satire stories for your entertainment.”

In addition to this story’s dubious source, the image accompanying the article was merely a doctored version of a mug shot taken in 2013 by the Ada County Sheriff’s Department in Idaho of a woman who was arrested for shoplifting:


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