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Did Samuel L. Jackson Tweet About Overpaid 'Modern Mumble Rappers' and Teachers' Pay?

A poorly-formatted purported Twitter quote attributed to the actor is just a hoax.

Published May 3, 2018

Actor Samuel L. Jackson tweeted a lament about overpaid "modern mumble" rap artists and underpaid teachers.

On 7 March 2018, a Facebook user shared a screenshot of Samuel L. Jackson's purported Twitter bio:

Versions of the same sentiment were shared in May 2018 by The Other 98% and Occupy Democrats, and yet another version also formatted as a tweet (in which Jackson's handle was misspelled) appeared on Quora and Reddit:

modern mumble rappers

As of 3 May 2018, Jackson's verified Twitter page featured no biography information:

Also, when users populate their Twitter biography fields, the text in that area does not appear in boldface, nor is it formatted in the manner seen in the purported screenshot of Jackson's Twitter page:


Formatting wasn't the only aspect inconsistent with Jackson's use of Twitter. One of the two versions of the "rapper" lament attributed to him employed random capitalization, a habit not present in legitimate tweets from the actor. The creator of the screenshot also used asterisks to "censor" a profanity, but Jackson occasionally employs uncensored, whimsically-spelled swear words:

The statement also appeared to have been simply attributed to Jackson on Twitter without being framed as an actual tweet:

Twitter's advanced search function reveals no legitimate retweets of the tweet attributed to Jackson; instead, users have been sharing an image of it. Given the popularity of that image, it is unlikely the remarks purportedly issued by Jackson would have gone unnoticed — had he actually made them.

Kim LaCapria is a former writer for Snopes.