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Did the Man Who Discovered the HIV Virus Confess to 'Inventing' It?

A bizarre, entirely false story originated on a web site notorious for bizarre, entirely false stories.

Published June 12, 2017

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Dr. Robert Gallo admitted to "inventing" the HIV virus in a plot to "depopulate humanity."

On 14 May 2017, the Anti News Network reported that Dr. Robert Gallo, who played a major role in the landmark discovery of the link between human immunodeficiency virus (better known by as the acronym HIV) and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (or AIDS), had confessed to "inventing" the virus as part of a plot to depopulate the world.

The article republishes, in full, a 5 July 2016 story on Your News Wire, a web site known for publishing false and fabricated stories, hoaxes and conspiracy theories. The story was also republished by the Natural Healing Magazine web site in July 2016.

The story carries the headline: "Dr. Gallo: 'I Invented AIDS to Depopulate Humanity" and claims:

Dr. Robert Gallo, the scientist credited with ‘discovering’ the HIV virus in 1984, has admitted that he created AIDS in order to reduce the world’s population.

Your News Wire, in turn, cites the "Daily Post" as having written a series of somewhat incoherent paragraphs characterized by spelling, grammar and syntax errors.

(A link provided for the original Daily Post article redirects to spam, unrelated webpages, or unsolicited software download; we don't recommend clicking on it.)

Quite apart from all that, Dr. Robert Gallo has never "admitted that he created AIDS in order to reduce the world's population," or made any statement remotely to that effect. This claim is entirely false and fabricated.

Dan Mac Guill is a former writer for Snopes.