RECALL: Voluntary Recall Issued for Hand Sanitizer

The company cited concerns over consumers mistaking the packaging for alcohol bottles.

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On Nov. 19, 2021, American Screening LLC voluntarily recalled more than 150,000 units of hand sanitizer, saying consumers might mistake the 8-ounce packages for alcohol bottles.



On Nov. 19, 2021, American Screening LLC voluntarily recalled 153,336 units of hand sanitizer citing concerns over consumers possibly mistaking the 8-ounce packages for alcohol bottles. 

Each unit contains 70% ethyl alcohol gel, a chemical safe for external use but that can have toxic effects when consumed. 

“Ingesting hand sanitizer, which is intended for topical use, could potentially result in alcohol toxicity. Symptoms of alcohol toxicity may range from lack of coordination, slowed or slurred speech, drowsiness to coma, which can be fatal. Furthermore, ingesting alcohol can affect the brain and cause impaired driving or operating heavy machinery,” wrote the Louisiana-based company. 

As of this writing, American Screening LLC reported that it had not received any reports of adverse events related to this recall. The affected hand sanitizer lots include bottles with an expiration date of May 21 and May 24, 2022, for black capped bottles. Bottles with a clear cap do not have lot numbers or expiration dates. 

The product can be identified by its shape (small water bottle), with a black flip top cap or clear cap with blue pouring spout with the weight of measure of eight (8) ounces/237mL, UPC 8 4005051579 2.

Consumers with questions regarding the American Screening recall are recommended to call 318-606-6037 Monday through Friday. 

It adds to a longer list of more than 150 hand sanitizers that the FDA recommends consumers stop using right away, a full list of which is viewable at the agency’s “do-not-use” list here


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