Did Popeyes Hang a Sign Saying They Will Refuse To Serve White People?

A sign that stirred controversy on social media triggered a police investigation.

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Image via Facebook screenshot


A Popeyes restaurant in Lake Saint Louis, Missouri, hung a sign telling its customers it was under new management that would reserve the right to refuse service to white people.



A sign stating that a Popeyes fast food restaurant franchise in Lake St. Louis, Missouri was under new management and would reserve the right to refuse to serve white people sparked controversy on social media in late May 2021. A Facebook post containing a photograph of the sign caused many viewers to believe it was a real policy.

But Lake St. Louis police stated that the sign wasn’t posted by anyone associated with the restaurant. They are looking for the people responsible in a trespassing and potential vandalism investigation. Police stated that earlier in the month, several drive-through menu signs were also spray painted.

A photograph of the sign was posted to Facebook on May 27, 2021, where it was widely seen, sparking angry replies:

Surveillance video from the restaurant, posted by Lake St. Louis police, showed what appeared to be two men drive up to the drive-through in a black car. One man appeared to get out from the passenger side. Although what he did can’t be seen in the video, police stated they believe the men are the ones who posted the sign.

“I can confirm that they are not affiliated with the business (employee, former employee or any other affiliation),” Lake St. Louis Police Chief Chris DiGiuseppi said in an email to Snopes. “The sign was placed, pictures were taken then someone removed the sign. We are unsure how long it was up and the sign was not recovered (by us or Popeyes).”

The motive is currently unknown, so police are asking anyone with information to call in tips at 636-625-8018.