NSA Toilet Cameras Sign

A fake NSA "toilet cameras" notice directed complaints to the customer service line for Pizza Hut.

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The National Security Agency puts toilet cameras in restrooms for "research purposes," and fines those who tamper with them.
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Collected via Facebook, May 2016



On 22 May 2016 the Facebook page “We Are Change” published the post embedded below, depicting a sign purportedly informing restroom users of the presence of National Security Agency (NSA) “toilet cameras”:

The sign read:


Toilet Cameras are for research purposes only.

Tampering with or disabling the toilet cameras is a Federal Crime punishable up to $8,500 in fines.

For Questions, Comments and Complaints please call 1 (800) 948 8488[.]

Captioned only “Huh?” in the original post, readers weren’t sure what to make of the sign (which bears what appears to be a NSA logo). Many took the photograph as legitimate.  However, the claim was easily debunked by looking at the “complaint line” information on the “NSA toilet cameras” sign — the phone number listed was not associated with the NSA, nor with any branch of the federal government:

The inclusion of Pizza Hut’s customer service number was a clear indicator that the NSA toilet sign meme was in fact a prank, not an indication of big government watching the most private aspects of American lives. Not only was the sign a hoax, it’s an old one; it’s been circulating the web since at least 2013.