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November 6th

Have Republican presidential candidates won every election held on November 6th?

Published Nov 6, 2012

Claim:   Republican presidential candidates have won every election held on November 6th.


Example:   [Collected via e-mail, November 2012]

Saw this on a friends Facebook:

Republicans have won every Nov. 6th election since 1860 .... dating back to the election of Abraham Lincoln.

Is it true?


Origins:   In the United States, the date of Election Day for general elections was established by law in 1845 to be the Tuesday after the first Monday in November, which means Election Day always falls between November 2 and November 8. From the election of 1848 up until 2012, Election Day fell on November 6 on six different occasions, and in each of those years the winner of the presidential election was a Republican candidate:

  • 1860: Abraham Lincoln

  • 1888: Benjamin Harrison

  • 1900: William McKinley

  • 1928: Herbert Hoover

  • 1956: Dwight Eisenhower

  • 1984: Ronald Reagan

The 2012 election was also contested on November 6 and for the first time brought defeat to a Republican presidential candidate, as challenger Mitt Romney failed to unseat the incumbent Democrat, Barack Obama.

Last updated:   6 November 2012

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