Did Twitter and Facebook Ban a Norwegian Cartoon About Trump?

Rumors that a political cartoon featuring Donald Trump was banned from social media sites were likely started in an attempt to spread the image to a wider audience.


A cartoon from Norway depicting Donald Trump in a diaper was banned from social media.



In December 2016, Norwegian news outlet VG published a cartoon depicting President-elect Donald Trump as a baby in a diaper pulling on an American flag tablecloth.

The political cartoon was widely spread on social media, and some users shared the image along with the claim that it had been “banned” by Twitter. At the same time that users were posting the image on Facebook with the message claiming that it had been banned on Twitter, similar messages were circulated on Twitter claiming that it had been banned on Facebook:

trump cartoon banned
However, as can be inferred by its persistent appearance on both sites, the cartoon has not been banned on either social media site. These messages were likely shared with the cartoon in an attempt to trick users into spreading the image to a wider audience. 

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