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Aaron Wade Sisco

Is a 24-year-old Texas man named Aaron Wade Sisco missing?

Published Aug 11, 2014

Claim:   A 24-year-old Texas man named Aaron Wade Sisco is missing.


Example:   [Collected via e-mail, August 2014]

Our Son Is Missing...Please Share...

Aaron Wade Sisco, Age 24, Blonde, Blue-Eyed, Height Approximately 5'10, Weight Approximately 160-170 lbs. Usually wears a white t-shirt, jeans or shorts.

Last seen on May 3, 2014 around 6:45 pm at our home in Queen City TX. He was driving a 2013 Dodge Extended Cab - Silver/Grey in color purchased the day before from Orr Honda in Paris, TX. Truck has dealer tags on it. He was wearing rubber boots and jeans when he left our home.

If you have seen him or been in contact with him, please call Texarkana Texas Police Department or Queen City Police Department.

As a Mother, I am asking for your help in locating him. Please share this information.


Origins:   Aaron Wade Sisco, a 24-year-old Texas man, was reported missing by his parents in May 2014. However, even though an Internet plea to help find him has continued to circulate long after the fact, Aaron Sisco's mother posted on Facebook on 14 May 2014 that her son had been located a few days earlier:

Last updated:   11 August 2014

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