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'Midnight Jog' aka 'Jogger Sees the Unknown' Video, Explained

The horror video that goes by the titles "Midnight Jog" and "Jogger Sees the Unknown" received millions of views on both TikTok and YouTube.

Published July 8, 2021

 (True Horror Stories POV/YouTube)
Image courtesy of True Horror Stories POV/YouTube
A video titled either "Midnight Jog" or "Jogger Sees the Unknown" shows paranormal activity.

On May 25, 2021, the @zmstube TikTok channel posted a horror video that went under the titles "Midnight Jog" and "Jogger Sees the Unknown."

The TikTok Video

In the TikTok video, which was not created by @zmstube, a man is shown jogging on a path next to a busy road. He appears to stop and then walk backward very quickly, just like a demon-possessed character in a movie might move in reverse.

The beginning of the "Jogger Sees the Unknown" TikTok video announced: "Videos You Should Never Google." It was part of a series of clips from @zmstube.

The top comment posited: "That's a Japan ghost soldier." Others argued over whether it was filmed in Singapore or Malaysia. However, it appeared to be filmed in Jurong West, which is located in Singapore.

Another person commented: "Bro, that's a short horror film on YouTube. I know this because CoryxKenshin reacted to that in #sss." It's true that YouTuber CoryxKenshin posted a reaction video to the viral clip, which received more than 7 million views.

The Original Video and Backstory

The full video is just over 3 minutes long. Its original name was "Midnight Jog." The other title, "Jogger Sees the Unknown," was created by the TikTok user.


There was even a full backstory video available on YouTube:


'Midnight Jog' Explained

While the "Midnight Jog" clip might have seemed scary and real to a massive number of viewers, it was simply a fun and creative film project from the True Horror Stories POV YouTube channel. The description of the full video mentioned that it was a "re-enactment based on actual events."

The channel posted a behind-the-scenes clip that showed the jogger getting into makeup.


According to the "Midnight Jog" video, the actor playing the jogger walked backward in real-time, and the video was not sped up or reversed. A YouTube comment said: "That's something amazing! Dude is a talented backward runner."

For further reading, we also reported on another video that made the rounds on TikTok, titled "The Faces in the Closet."

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