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Leonardo DiCaprio Endorses Trump?

A tweet purportedly showing Leonardo DiCaprio pledging his vote to Donald Trump was yet another hoax.

Published Sept. 30, 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio endorsed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Twitter.

On 29 September 2016, the web site HitPolitics.com published an article reporting that actor Leonardo DiCaprio had endorsed Donald Trump on Twitter after meeting with President Obama:

dicaprio voting for trump

The message displayed here is a hoax. Hit Politics did not provide a link to this alleged message, there is no visible timestamp, and this tweet does not appear on DiCaprio's timeline. Moreover, it is unclear how a meeting with President Barack Obama would result in Leonardo DiCaprio endorsing for Donald Trump.

The actor did meet with President Obama in September 2016, but this was to discuss the issue of climate change:

Obama also appeared in DiCaprio's new documentary Before The Flood:

DiCaprio's political advocacy has almost exclusively been tied to the issue of climate change. While Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton calls climate change "an urgent threat and a defining challenge of our time" on her web site, Trump's position on the issue has been mixed.  

DiCaprio had also been scheduled to host a fundraising dinner for Clinton just weeks before:

The event on Aug. 23 is priced at $33,400-per-person and is billed as a “Conversation with Hillary.” The first $2,700 will go to the Clinton campaign, and the remainder will do to the Democratic National Committee and state and local parties. Complete details are to be announced on Tuesday. Sources said plans were in the works for the event to take place at his home, but they were still being finalized.

However, he bowed out of the event at the last minute, apparently due to a scheduling conflict.

Dan Evon is a former writer for Snopes.